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Fixed platforms

CDB Corall is extensively experienced in designing fixed oil/gas production platforms to operate at up to 180 m water depths.

Over the past two decades a total of 16 fixed oil/gas production fixed platforms have been constructed per CDB Corall designs.

The largest appears to be the Project for construction of the White Tiger field south off Vietnam where 13 production platforms are now operating to ensure simultaneous drilling and oil producing from 16 cluster wells at 50 m water depth.

Ice-resistant fixed offshore platform D6 was put into operation at the Kravtsovskoye oil field, the Baltic Sea in 2004. The platform is intended for drilling and production from 21 wells up to 4500 deep at 30 m water depth. Technical solutions that ensure high level of ecological and occupational safety have been integrated in platform design.

CDB Corall has developed the basic design of drilling and production modules for topsides of the ice-resistant fixed offshore platform (IRFOP), currently under construction, for the Prirazlomnoye field, the Barents Sea.

Building of fixed platforms (LSP1+LSP2) for construction of Yury Korchagin oil/gas field, the Caspian Sea is underway. Basic design of the LSP1 was developed based on SSDU Shelf-7.

Offshore ice-resistant offloading terminal (OIROT) was commissioned in June, 2008. It is designed for contact-free mooring of 20,000 – 70,000 ton tankers and offloading onto the tanker of tank oil transferred via underwater pipeline from an onshore tank farm. This is the first Russian terminal designed for offshore arctic area