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Onshore tank oil to be supplied though a subsea pipeline to 20000-70000 FPSOs. The terminal is intended to be located in the frozen sea


The terminal is 8-corder caisson-type steel platform with the topside installed on the main deck It consists of a single-tier superstructure with rotatable mooring arrangement on it and a heliport. The terminal seafloor stability is provided with a 24-pile base.

The terminal as assembled features:

  • Maximum length incl. offloading jib and helideck, m 103.5
  • Maximum width incl. pipeline output shelter, m 59.5
  • Maximum height from the baseline, m 65.5
  • Maximum height above sea level at sea depth of 17.0 m, m 47.5
  • Light weight, t 12430
  • Endurance, days 30

    One shift personnel 8