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It is intended to provide accommodation for 140 persons maintaining the facilities of the Central Process Complex. The living quarters topsides consist of two modules


    Module No 1 Module No 2
Length between external walls, m 26.0 26.0
Width between external walls, m 15.0 15.0
Height from base line to roof, m 11.9 11.9
Maximum length incl. platforms, m 31.2 31.2
Maximum width incl. platforms, m 20.8 22.6
Maximum height, m 14.6 18.6
Berths 88 52
2-bed cabins 40 25
single bed cabins 6 1
suites 2 1
Module weight as assembled, t about 570 about 570

Module No1 houses: a laundry section, 20-person o office, and a hospital. The helideck is fitted on the roof of this module.

Module No 2 includes: a transformer substation, EDG duty room, material storage, sauna, galley, provisions storages, 32-seat ward room, 48-seat dining room, radio room, and a helicopter start/command station.