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LPP 15-25 + SPBU 6500/10-30 Ice-resistant exploratory/production drilling integrated installation


All year round drilling and operation of 6500-m oil/gas wells in sea depth within from 15 m to 25 m


The integrated installation consists of two independent structures:

  • LPP 15-25 ice resistant submersible platfotm as a support base for a self-elevating drilling unit;
  • SPBU 6500/10-30 self-elevating drilling unit of Project 15402 SPBU

The jack-up is used to drill wells.

The operation of wells is provided by the facilities in the production modules arranged on the submersible platform.

  • sea depth, m - within from 15 to 25
  • wells - 24
  • self-containing period, days - 60

Operating conditions:

  • wind velocity, m/s - 46
  • wave height, m - 11.3
  • predicted thikness of one year level ice, m