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Living Quarters LQ-1 platform is a part of Filanovsky oilfield development system of installations and intended for accommodation of operating personnel manning LSP-1 drilling/production platform, central process platform and riser platform linked by walkway bridges carrying service lines and personnel movement.

Main particulars

Platform type - Offshore fixed ice-resistant steel piled manned platform. LQ-1 base structure includes two piled caissons. LQ-1 topsides consist of two separate accommodation modules (No. 1 and No. 2), installed in the support module and linked by a passageway. The accommodation modules are spaced by 7.4 meters. A helicopter landing deck is located on the roof of the accommodation module No. 2.

Maximum dimensions, L x B x H, m - 48,0 § 45,0 § 44,5

Capacity - 125

Cabins, total - 69